Firejaws Freestyle Friday ep2

This episode I working a little bit more into work play than my previous episode where I use a lot of word linkage. Putting more emphasis on slick lines instead of just clever ways to make things rhyme. lyrics and link below.

You try angles I wreck angles
I rap circles around you squares. You outta shape

My lyric Game is More serious than Siri is and how I prepare it is more mysterious than the pyramids.

More mysterious than Malaysian disappearing planes my searing flame endearing to lyricists who used to hearing ridiculousness over sample clearances

Dismantling rappers trampling instruments baffling contingents dispatching scud missile vernacular, diminish his minions.

dismissing the ammunition on his wack dominion then slapping satanic factions with the empty battleship in minutes.

I’m a skilled African stay battling hammering grammar moving faster than a javelin traveling through your abdomen.

Dope flow trafficking when I approach them bozos they froze like I’m frozone they hold pose so mannequin.

I’m a beast my flow is leviathan on vitamins iron and niacin no joker but I’m nice with a tire iron flattening demons like tires steamed with firewater ironing vocally violent I am with or without a violin.

Trying to save humanity from frying skin I’m am a virus to the lying Jin I have been sired by the lion prince.

Leave him crying on his knees and have him lying inside of a fire trench, my intent is trying to retire the lying grinch

with a variety of hiney dents all because he had my family tree willy lynched hanging from trees in high degrees with the highest stench.

I am quite pissed urinal cake I rap circles around you squares. You outta shape