Firejaws Freestyle Fridays ep 1

This is the first episode of #firejawsfreestylefridays. My aim is to give people that are into the discipline of lyricism. Link and lyrics are below:

Hardwired more Christ mindset is desired it’s hard to get tired rhyming when fire is your supplier.

I was damaged goods that did as much good as Klansman in a Klan hood in a Camden hood,

I’m in wool lambskin Yahushua, yo Lil man’s getting bamboozled out of his Hebrew masculine, no Ruger.

and I’m a dude who will stay away from brutal adjectives, but his pants so thin you think he is gargling pamprin. Truth son.

Not hearing that America swindled him out of his grandkids slim difference between him and a glam chick. You can’t make this up.

Chronically single women defending this man chick, not figuring this gay figure is a trick that’s where your man is.

Grab a beer a six pack, fix a flat and a pastrami sandwich, Trash that glam glitz, get mannish,
Eat a manwich.

What’s bad is why we even got to have this chat kid, what’s bad is that you looking at me like your mans is outlandish.

Dudes plans is thinking that this is the grandest , living listen man gidget you selling yourself short like a prostitute midget.

I’m John Cena you not seeing me, invisibility, Like rubbing raps in novacaine because cats is not feeling it.

I promise b I’m a be looking out for my progeny till my mob deep and bringing more havoc than prodigy.

Call me the bank, all my lines makes cents. And it adds up. Black thought gets me to the root of the matter.

They saying I’m Arrogant because I’m
Dropping knowledge like a clumsy librarian ice skating on a terrain when it’s raining greasy ball bearings.

Barbarian Brain is a runaway train so they claim I’m insane, but actually I’m in sanity.

lyrical factions that encaptures manufactures fractures in your lyrical anatomy.

Raining grenades on your parade with flame in your brain’s main cavity canopy. Don’t be mad at me.