John Cena

This video was just done, and I am Uber excited to have this on my site. This video was shot by @marksmen films on youtube this dude is amazing in what he does and I know we are going to do more down the line!

Alright, the concept of this Sonny Cheebs Track is that I find myself doing a lot of healing miracles and I also encounter a lot of skepticism even when it is HAPPENING IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES!! ok lemme bring it down a notch. It is frustrating to see that I have spent 20 years to experience and example his power just for people to dismiss it like all I did was inhale. CMON SON!! Something impossible happens and you like yawn?!?!? Makes me feel like when Daffy Duck had to blow himself up to get applauseĀ from the people. I’m not doing this for applause mind you, I do it to help people and for them to believe in Jesus.

Sometimes the people who get helped still don’t believe and I just realize that the Word says unless you believe as a child you cannot SEE the kingdom of God. So the fact of the matter is that we have to believe Jesus as little children, we miss out when we invite illogical reason, skepticism, and unbelief.

I want you to see it, but until you believe as a child…..You Can’t See This.